Chemi Katz

Chemi Katz

Co-Founder & CEO @ Namogoo


With over 17 years of experience in the security, commerce and advertising spaces, Chemi is an experienced visionary and serial entrepreneur who has been building disruptive technologies.

Prior to co-founding Namogoo, Chemi was General Manager of DoubleVerify Israel and co-founded Seapai and Reissod. Earlier in his career, Chemi led Production Operations at LivePerson.


Namogoo has pioneered the market of Customer Hijacking Prevention to power superior digital experiences and business results for online enterprises. Our disruptive client-side technology identifies and blocks unauthorized ads injected into consumer web sessions that divert them to competitors, drive conversion downward, and damage brand equity.

The world’s largest retailers rely on Namogoo’s machine learning solutions to deliver distraction-free customer journeys and consistently enhance eCommerce KPIs.