David Popovich

David Popovich

owner & Co- CEO @ Trust the Brokers

David Popovich is a top influential leader in the eCommerce community—internationally recognized for his innovative entrepreneurial success and strategic advisory within the industry.

He has devoted the past 18 years of his life to building and mentoring powerful businesses and eCommerce enterprises, helping them thrive to reach long-term and sustainable success.

An astute entrepreneur, David is able to recognize and take action towards approaching trends. This talent further compliments his ability to think outside the box, creating innovative brands and ventures that instill confidence among investors and customers.

His proven approach to creating and maintaining success in any business is the belief that core strategies must include teamwork, intent, consistency, and above all—benevolence.

He has embarked on creating a legacy through numerous educational courses and institutions, including founding the first academy in Israel for eCommerce and entrepreneurial studies.

David has been honored with awards for his game-changing ideology in the Israeli market as the Top ECom entrepreneur of 2021 and Top 100 ECom influencers for 2018.

Though blessed with immense success and recognition, David remains a humble believer in karma. He actively maintains positive interpersonal relationships with fellow leaders and students to develop their economic opportunities further.

Specialties: Traditional and digital marketing strategies, brand development and management, content creation and management