Eran Galil

Eran Galil

Co-Founder & CTO @ ByondXR


Eran is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in R&D, product, and technology team management. Eran spearheaded company-wide initiatives and grew businesses from strategy to execution, utilizing his vast experience in XR technologies, cloud platforms, analytics and IT integrations.

Previously, Eran held a number of CTO positions, one of his most notable being the CTO in the elite 8200 IT division of the Israeli Intelligence Corps after graduating from the Israeli Military Computing and Information Systems Institute. At ByondXR, Eran upholds and focuses on the execution of carefully crafted tech and product vision.


ByondXR is a retail-tech company that developed an immersive commerce platform to help brands, retailers and wholesalers create unique virtual customer experiences that transforms online customer engagement and boosts over all sales conversions.