Kausambi Manjita

Kausambi Manjita

Founder & CEO @ Mason


Kausambi is a serial entrepreneur and the current CEO of Mason. For the last 15 years, She has built multiple products for big-tech giants and startups like Myntra(Walmart) and Paytm during the early years of the Indian retail ecosystem.

Kausambi has a deep understanding of the retail sector and realised the importance of the democratization of technology. Therefore, putting her experience and intuition into use to bring together a team of 50+ makers to build a revolutionary no-code toolkit for small and medium businesses to run their digital stores without expending their resources.


Mason is a no-code builder tailor-made for eCommerce, it powers DTC brands & teams to create, manage and publish real-time experiences across their stores with apps, bots & integrations.