Michal Hayon

Michal Hayon

Founder & CEO @ 2DO!


Michal founded 2DO! in 2012, a hands on consulting agency specializing in digital sales, eCommerce and data, after working with large retailers and recognizing the gap between consumers and what companies have to offer them in eCom & data. Prior to that, she was Senior VP in Comme-il-faut (fashion retail), VP business development in Gitam BBDO, and VP media in Gitam BBDO. Michal’s passion is running, Yoga and eCommerce


2DO! is a consulting hand on agency specializing in Digital Sales, Strategy, eCommerce, Digital shelf, Matketplaces and data solutions, 2DO! works with leading companies such as Shufersal, Sodastream, Max, Osem, Wallashops, Tnuva, Strauss, Aiways in all fields and industries.