Tal Eden

Tal Eden

CTO @ Curve


Tal is a veteran data scientist and algorithm developer and has been leading data science teams in the past several years.

In his previous positions, he served as the Chief Data Scientist of the Sheba Innovation Center, leading research and development of end to end AI-based medical solutions and as the head of data science at Shoodoo Analytics leading the development of autonomous AI tools.

Tal has a strong industry and academic background in mathematics and computer science, and he is also a licensed clinical psychologist.


Curve’s Machine Learning prediction technology is designed to provide businesses with unbiased and accurate forecasts on different aspects of the business. Curve’s platform suggests actionable insights on how to improve sales, inventory management, and cash flow planning. Curve’s users are Sales Managers, CFOs, Supply Chain Managers, Marketing, and e-Comm Managers. Our forecast serves as a basis for decisions and cross-company planning. Curve’s solutions include the following capabilities – Sales prediction and Inventory optimization Expect 10%-15% accuracy improvement, avoid out of stock and overstocks – Lead scoring Priorities your leads to target the right ones to increase sales – Credit default prediction Get better control of the organization’s cash flow and avoid risky transactions – Dynamic pricing Present the ideal price at the right time – Comparison of sales performance to an industry benchmark.