Yael Kochman

Yael Kochman

Founder + VP Business Development @ MarkUp Ventures + Sizer


Yael Kochman is the leading retail technology expert in Israel. From launching one of Israel’s first e-commerce ventures in 2011 to founding a community around fashion and retail tech innovation, that eventually led her to co-found Re:Tech – a retail technology innovation hub, where she worked with companies such as ASOS, eBay, M&S, Farfetch, Super-Pharm and Tnuva.


Today Yael serves as VP Business Development at Sizer, the most accurate platform for body measurement. Sizer enables retailers and fashion brands provide their consumers with the most accurate size for the most enjoyable shopping experience, and by that helping them cut returns.
In addition, Yael is the founder of MarkUp Ventures – a platform for connecting global retailers, brands, tech companies and investors.