Yael Vizel

Yael Vizel

Head of Walmart's Israel R&D office @ Zeekit (acquired by Walmart)

Yael Vizel is an accomplished entrepreneur, electrical engineer and a major at the Israeli Air Force who constantly participate and lead mentoring sessions and programs which encourage women to excel in technology, entrepreneurship and leadership

Zeekit (acquired by Walmart) offers a new, more interactive shopping experience for the world of fashion. Combining fashion and technology, Zeekit has developed the first dynamic Virtual Fitting Room, allowing everyone to see themselves in any item of clothing found online.

Zeekit’s patented technology has finally cracked the code of Virtual Try-On, and can seamlessly integrate an entire catalog of products in a matter of hours to allow customers to virtually try-on clothes using incredibly realistic AR. Using the Zeekit technology allows your customers to have a more realistic idea of what the garment would look like on multiple sized models with different body types or even on themselves. The Switch Model button can be plugged into any retail website using a simple line of code.

Zeekit has lead companies to the likes of ASOS, Tommy Hilfiger, Macy’s and more to see improved conversion rates as well as reduced return rates.